ICT In Our Children’s Lives

In the article ICT Transforming Education by Johnathon Anderson, it made me think about how much technology my children are actually exposed to in their everyday life. As I look around my home there are so many electronic gadgets that I have just taken for granted as making mine and my children’s lives easier. I never considered them to being ICT as such and I have under estimated the importance they have in my life. I have my laptop which I use for everyday communication, my mobile phone to recieve calls and text messages. My IPOD which is my link to sanity and keeps me feeling motivated on my early morning walks. But my number one prize possession is my beloved Digital Camera which captures every precious moment of my children’s lives.

I am constantly amazed at how quickly my children have embraced technology and how they use it with such ease. I have always been a little phobic about technology and have only allowed my children limited access to it. I am now starting to understand the importance that it plays their daily lives. This is not to say I won’t monitor their usage closely. In the photo my daughter Lily is navigating her way through a learning game called ‘Word Bubbles’ on a child friendly tablet computer called a MEEP. I chose this tablet as I was impressed with the manufacturers strict parental controls that can be adjusted on their website. I have also included a link to this site on my Blogroll.

With my older two children who also own a MEEP tablet, they are fast learning that I am willing to negotiate usage according to completion of homework tasks and around their busy afternoon schedules of extra curricula activiites. I have however, become what they consider to be the meanest Mummy in the world by restricting their access to Apps and Game Time. I am however quite generous with the time allocated to their access to E-Books. Rebecca Lucas a  fellow EDC 3100 student really got me thinking when she made a post on her blog asking the question ‘Is 13 too young for Facebook?’ This is a question I ask myself with three young children. I am of the belief that the age restrictions are there for a very good reason. And in order to protect our children from the potential dangers that present themselves in social media I will not allow or nor will I succumb to pre-teen preasure to let them set up Facebook Accounts until I think they are of an age where they can understand the risks and dangers associated with social media.

Also in my research I found this site that asks the question Screen Time- How much is too Much? The information presents a reasonably balanced view of differing opinions. It gives parents a guide as to how to monitor and limit their children’s use of digital technology.

Now for me the next challenge on my ICT Leanring Journey is how I can implement it whilst on Prac. I am now more excited than ever about Prac and am looking forward to leanring as much as possible in this subject to enhance my skills. In the meantime I am going to try to embrace the crazy and unfamiliar world of Twitter and Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “ICT In Our Children’s Lives

  1. I, too, worry about my kids and how much technology they want to use. I know that it is important for them to play and learn through, but there is a need for control. I read in my childrens newsletter today (as mentioned on my blog ;)) that the average 8 to 18 year old in the United States spends nearly eight hours a day using entertainment media. How is all I ask…

    • Oh My Goodness Wendy that is just beyond my comprehension. The time these children spend using enterainment media is more than the equivalent to a full time job. How do they function given the demands of schooling? Are their parents so oblivious to the way they are using their leisure time? And even more concerning is if they are engaged for that long in technology are they getting sufficient sleep, execrise and eating a healthy diet. Whatever happened to playing in the back yard to burn off excess energy after school and playing with the neighbourhood children?

  2. Hi Janine I enjoyed your post about children and ICTs. I guess having children is the reason many of us are studying online. The tablet you purchased for your children seems like a well researched piece of child/ parent friendly technology (you may want to hyperlink the word Meep to their webpage). I believe it is this type of research and control that all parents and teachers should exercise when permitting the use of ICTs at home or in the classroom. Prensky (2001) first coined the term digital native, to describe this generation and their natural ability to engage with digital technology. I wonder if after completing this course we as parents will be more inclined to engage in computer time together, sharing what we have learned from this course.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts,
    kind regards,

    • Thanks for your post Jenni,
      I will try to hyperlink the Meep site, I am still trying to negotiate my way around all the settings etc and it’s alot of trial and error at the moment.
      I think as parents we need to start engaging in computer time together as technology is fast changing and our children are getting exposed to at it at an even younger age. I think the more we understand as parents and teachers the better equipped we are far teaching our children to be more tech savvy
      Thanks once again
      Janine 🙂

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