Digital Play in the Pre-Prep and Prep Classroom

The question I would like to ask today is how much Digital Play is appropriate in the Pre-Prep and Prep classroom. As educators we all need to find the right balance when planning lessons. We need to research and assess the best possible ways that we can implement ICT’s. I found this diagram on the website Screen Time- How much is too Much?  As a future early childhood teacher I myself feel that this may be reasonably good representation of the way play and learning experiences should be divided. I would however like to see a greater portion devoted to free play. What this diagram also does not consider is the other area’s of children’s development and learning such as language, literacy and numeracy development.

5 thoughts on “Digital Play in the Pre-Prep and Prep Classroom

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  2. Hi Janine
    I came across your blog and this post and would have to disagree on the image representation. Why does digital play have to be on its own? Why can’t it be incorporated into other categories of play? I believe for children to make meaning from digital experiences, they need to be able to use it in life like learning experiences. Check out my blog and my post regarding this image –
    I look forward to hearing back from you and discussing this deeper!

  3. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for your feedback. I agree that children need to make meaning from ICT Leanring experiences and it can be implemented in a variety of different ways into the curriculum. For me although I work in Pre-Prep I am yet to see it implented into our programme, this is despite us having interactive white boards in our centre (sadly I am missing training for their use this afternnon due to a prior commitment) . I have however seen one in action in my daughters classroom in Prep and I was impressed with the way her teacher used it to teach concepts such as repeating patterns for numeracy. She has also used it as an introduction to their day whereby they looked at the days of the week, the date, what the weather conditions were like outside and if there were any special celebration days etc.
    I am pretty old school and right now I am reluctant to see too much ICT implemented into our Early Years Programmes, I am far more concerned about providing the children in my care with enjoyable learning experiences that foster and enhance all aspects of their development and learning. For me I want to find the right balance in my classroom and this diagram which is by no means perfect shows to me that ICT represents a small aspect of children’s overall leanring and play

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