The End Is Almost Here

I am not really sure what is I have to blog about at this moment in time. I like many of my fellow EDC3100 friends have struggled over the past three weeks to get through prac while balancing work and children. I have come to the realisation over the past three weeks that I am quite content to stay within the Early Childhood context I feel most comfortable with, that being Pre-Prep. What this means for me in the future I am not entirely sure. I have had a wonderful mentor on Prac and very much enjoyed the challenge that my three weeks in a Prep class has given me but as an advocate for play based learning. I really don’t see me heading down that path long term. I have worked very hard to incorporate ICT’s into my lessons in a creative manner and spent many hours at night getting reources together to ensure my lessons run smoothly. But I guess if the passion and drive is not there it really would not be a good thing to pursue long term. I question why it is after all these years of working towards that goal I have now decided not to pursue it and the only answer I can come up with at this point is that I really love where I am at professionally and working as a preschool teacher is clearly my niche’.

I would be interested to know if this Prac experience has altered or changed any of my other fellow students idea’s and future directions in teaching. I have observed on many of our forums on Facebook the challenges that some of my fellow students have encountered whilst on Prac and I am truly shocked at the way some have been treated by their mentors. Having had a lovely mentor who helped guide me through the whole experience and was incredibly supportive. I found it terribly sad to read some of the horror stories. I thought it was the role of the mentor to help guide and shape pedagogical practices not tear students to shreds with hurtful and times personal attacks. This to me demonstrates a considerable lack of respect for student teachers and I wonder why they take on prac students in their classes if they are not going to support them on their learning journeys to become teachers.

So the challenge now for me is to get the final two assessment pieces I have due for uni in the coming week. I would love to say I am making great progress in that department but I have found myself easily distracted this weekend with all this new found freedom that has come about with Prac coming to an end 🙂

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  1. Hi, just read your post.
    I had a truly horrible mentor who set me up for failure from Day 1. Luckily I don’t crack easily. I put up with her unrealistic expectations for the duration of my prac often getting to bed at 3am only to rise again at 5:45 all for a stupid pass and plain nasty report. It is because of people like her that we think about changing our professions in the first place. I have re-evaluated what I want after I graduate. Working my ass off night after night till the early hours of the morning is not something I really want to do. I only have 6 subjects to go so I will continue studying but upon graduating I don’t think I want a full-time job. I have no life and no time for my family. I would like a job where I can come home after work and switch off not spend the night preparing for the next day. I think relief teaching may be the life for me. We’ll see! One more prac at the same school. Not looking forward to it at all but it must be done.
    I think we’ve both come away from this prac feeling the same. Let’s hope there are better things to come.

    • Oh Carmen,
      That is so sad to hear, I can honestly say I was very lucky to have a fabulous mentor who was kind, caring and very supportive throughout my Prac. But I also realise this is not the life for me. I love working with my little Pre-Preppies and I work for a great organisation. I just don’t see myself teaching in a school when I can have the benefit of working school hours and school terms where I am happy. I feel that I have so more to offer in the Preschool/Kindergarten age group.
      I can also truly undertstand the impact that this has on your family. I can’t remember the last time we had a family day out and my five year old was crying yesterday because she just wants me to finish uni and start playing with her. I am trying desperately hard this weekend to get my final assessments done so that I can enjoy the long weekend with my husband and my children.
      I hope your next Prac is more enjoyable and fingers crossed you don’t get stuck with the same horrible mentor 🙂 Good Luck with your assignment and take comfort in the knowledge that the journey is almost over 🙂

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  3. I find this post very interesting because although prac has given me a realistic glimpse of what to expect it has also made me examine what is important to me. I have learnt on this prac that yes, thank goodness I still want to be a teacher but will I be ready for full time work after I finish at the end of 2014… Maybe, maybe not. Going to uni has allowed me to do school drop offs and pick ups and spend valuable time with my children that I absolutely cherish. I’m just not sure I am ready to give that up in 2 years. I love the peace in my home that is created by having someone there to organise the dinners, do the washing, spend time with the kids, help out with homework. While I was on prac our lives became more like a highly organised highway in peak hour – no time to stop! I noticed a massive change in behaviour in my kids and it seems we were all running on empty. Maybe I might relief for a few years – who knows? I think as a family we will reassess at the end of next year!

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