Getting back to what I Love-Play Based Learning

DSCF1637Throughout this course there has been so much focus on what we are going to do in our Professional Careers as teachers about how we intend on incorporating ICT’s into our classrooms. But I am looking forward to getting back into my little Pre-Prep environment and getting back to the basics of what early childhood and learning is truly about. This week I have found this wonderful site called Irresistable Ideas for Play Based Learning. The site does has a small link to Information and Technology. But the main focus is on making play fun and enjoyable for Preschoolers. In the photograph my little girl who is very tech savvy still loves to get back to the basics and just play purely for the enjoyment of playing. This subject has done very little to change my views on technology in the early years. Yes I have been exposed to a whole new range of technologies that I can see will be of benefit to those teaching in the older years, but I feel they offer very little to the early years classroom. I will continue to use technology to maintain and update portfolio’s for children, take photographs for records and I may even play a few games on the IWB we have at work. But for me technology will now take a back seat to more traditional methods of play and learning.

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